Hello, I'm Peter! I'm a photographer based in Charlottesville, Virginia with a love for the natural beauty that is so abundant in this region. I travel the country and world looking to capture color, drama, and natural extremes that occur all around us. Beyond photography, I thoroughly enjoy hiking, stargazing, storm chasing, climbing, and road trips. 

I first picked up a DSLR camera early in college, and despite no official training, learned and loved photography quickly. Now photography is critical to the expression and enjoyment of our beautiful world.  

My love for the natural processes of our world runs very deep. I've been fascinated by the weather, mountains, forests, and the night sky since I was a young child growing up in Colorado. Since then, I've pursued knowledge about the environmental and physical processes that surround us. I hold degrees in Meteorology and Geography from Virginia Tech (2019/2021 MS) and have worked professionally in both fields. I am self taught in many other fields and am constantly seeking new knowledge. 

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